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ABCO ABCO specializes in a full-line of  medical and orthopedic products.  Their product line ranges from pediatric stethoscopes to ultrasound gel and other medical accessories.  Through superior customer satisfaction, ABCO has established a great reputation for high quality products.
AIRCAST Aircast stirrup ankle brace as well as pneumatic armband, patellar brace and infrapatellar band.
ADC Specializing in thermometers, stethoscopes and B-P units.
ADJUSTA-LIFT/WARWICK Warwick specializes in manufacturing and distribution of heel-care pads.  Special shoe pads which provide protection and support for the heel offering three different layers of support..
BECTON-DICKINSON Becton Dickinson is a leader in the needle, syringe and vacutainer market.
BRACE INTERNATIONAL Brace International offers orthopedic products in upper body support and injuries.  From shoulder girdle support to knee support and Sawa Shoulder Brace.  Brace International offers high-quality products.
BURDICK With more than thirty-five years of manufacturing experience, Burdick specializes in electrocardiographs and supplies.
BANTA Supplier of disposable paper products.  
BARD PARKER / BECTON-DICKINSON Specializing in blades and scalpels.
CONCO Since 1949, Conco have been a leader in manufacturing medical bandages.  Conco's bandages are available in various forms and sizes to satisfy specific needs.  Conco's years of experience make them a market leader in the medical industry.
CHO-PAT Specializing in knee and elbow supports.
COTTRELL Supplier of sterilization pouches and sutures
CENTEC / ROYCE Centec/Royce is a leading manufacturer in the orthopedic industry.  Centec's provides high quality foot-care products such as ankle casts, braces, air walkers as well as other softgoods for all parts of the body.
DARCO Darco is a provider of cast shoes and med/surg shoes as well as other miscellaneous softgoods. 
DONJOY - (Exclusive DonJoy distributor for NC, SC and VA) DonJoy is most recognized and also a market leader in ACL, postoperative and soft ankle bracing.  In addition,  DonJoy offers extensive line of softgoods and neoprene items.
DEROYAL/ STAT/LMB DeRoyal is one of  the largest suppliers of orthopedic softgoods for over twenty years.  From cervical collars to knee braces, DeRoyal is a leading manufacturer of softgood support products.
CARAPACE Supplier of plaster and synthetic casting materials as well as other softgoods and casting supplies
ETHICON SUTURES Supplier of sutures.
GRAHAM-FIELD Graham Medical provides an assortment of medical products for both the physicians office and home care setting. 
GRAHAM Supplier of table paper and other disposable paper products.
HASSOC Specializes in physician seating, pneumatic stools using ISO9000 manufactured parts..
HYGENIC Hygenic provides elastic bands for rehabilitation and body support.  The elastic bands are used for professional body exercising and flexibility.
HAUSMANN Supplier of wooden exam tables.
HUDSON Supplier of oxygen masks and cannulas.
HAPAD Hapad manufactures and distributes adhesive backed, natural wool felt orthopedic foot devices. 
INSTRUMENT MAKAR Supplier of extension knee splint-foam.
JOHNSON & JOHNSON/DEPUY Johnson & Johnson Orthopaedics is one of the largest manufacturers of sports medicine and orthopaedic products.  J&J Orthopaedics also offers an extensive line of upper and lower extremity supports, as well as the innovative SURROUND Ankle Stirrup Braces.
JEROME Jerome produces high quality reliable rehabilitation products such as neck-supports and cervical collars.   
KIMBERLY CLARK Supplier of disposable paper products such as gowns and drapes.
MIDMARK Most commonly known for their excellence in examination tables.  Midmark also manufactures specialty tables, sterilizers, casework, seating, refrigeration and exam lighting.  
3M Specializing in synthetic casting material, casting supplies, cast removal, bandages, tapes and sterilization systems.
M-PACT M-PACT specializes in plaster and synthetic casting material, cast removal systems and foot orthotics..
METREX Metrex offers disinfectant solutions for the market.  Surface disinfectants and liquid disinfecting solutions are few of the quality products that Metrex offers.
MILTEX Miltex is a leading supplier of surgical instruments delivering the finest quality grade surgical instruments to the healthcare profession.
ORTHO-CARE Supplier of Body-Flex, Gel Knee Sleeves, Cervical Collars.
ORTHOMERICA Industry leader in the manufacturing of custom, semi-custom and prefabricated orthopedic bracing.  Products include: the Newport Hip System, AirBack Spinal System, California Soft Spinal System and Orlando KAFO.
PROCARE Specializing in the manufacture of softgoods and walkers.
PEDIFIX Over the course of 112 years, Pedifix has developed dozens of clinically proven foot treatment products.  Pedifix's extensive experience makes them a leader in foot health-care products.
PDI Supplier of wipes.
RALPH STORRS Ralph Storrs provide specialty products in the area of spinal orthosis.  
SPENCO SPENCO specializes in foot-care orthopedic products, specifically in shoe pads, medical socks, as well as walking shoes.  
SMITH-NEPHEW REHAB/ ROLYAN Specializing in rehabilitation products.
TECNOL / KIMBERLY CLARK Tecnol/Kimberly Clark is one of the largest manufacturers of orthopedic softgoods ranging from  from cervical-collars to toe-cast boots that aim toward satisfying the patient.
WELCH ALLYN The world's leading manufacturer of diagnostic instruments, cardiopulmonary, monitoring, thermometry. 
WINFIELD/ MAXXIM Winfield specializes in the production of medical accessories required by clinicians.  From biohazard containers, to needle-protection, Winfield's aim is to provide high quality medical accessories and safety equipment.
ZIMMER Supplier of orthopedic softgoods for all parts of the body..

Plus Many, Many More!